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We offer you a solution to update your garment and recover its value.

In our workshop in Barcelona, we can disassemble entirely the garment and transform it into a modern and customized model. We work with all kinds of fur (astrakhan, mink, fox, etc.) and we can perform all processes related to leather garments care (cleaning, restyling, dying, etc.). Moreover, our experts can give you some advice to make your old fur garments lighter.

Why should you remodel your old fur garment with us?





A fur garment transformation is the process by which an old fur garment is completely undone to reuse the leather to make a new model.

This process is the best solution to recover the value of an old fur garment.

In PRIETO we are prepared to remodel garments made in any type of leather (mink, fox, marmot, chinchilla, astrakhan, etc.).

It is important to note that in order to perform a fur transformation it is essential that the leather is in good condition. For this reason, before making any change to the garment, our experts will examine the leather condition and inform you of whether it is possible and recommendable to perform this process.

Fur transformations offer a large number of possibilities. In our stores we have different garments that can be used as a model or inspiration to decide the changes you want to make. If the amount of leather and its condition allow it, you can make any model. You could even use the leather of a old garment to make decorative items such as blankets or cushions.

One of the biggest concerns of our customers when they bring us an old fur garment is the weight of it. In the past, long and voluminous fur garments became fashionable. In the last few years, the fashion trends have changed and, nowadays, the fur garments are tighter, shorter and have narrow backs. The simple fact of converting an old model to a new one significantly reduces the weight of the garment. In addition, when making a fur transformation, the leather goes through some processes in order to improve its condition and get more flexibility.

But the possibilities offered by a transformation do not end here, depending on the type of leather and the state of the garment, our experts can give you other options to reduce its weight. For example, in a certain type of leather such mink, there is the possibility of removing or shaving the fur, these processes reduce the weight considerably. Another example to achieve this goal is to combine the fur with other material such as suede. Garments which combine fur with other materials are lighter and offer a youthful look.

Yes, some types of leather can be dyed but this possibility will depend on the condition of the leather and its base color. It is important to note that when carrying out a process of dyeing leather a degree of uncertainty is attached. If you dye natural leather you cannot have the same control as you dye textile material. In any case, our experts will guide you and, to the extent possible, they will provide you with all the information so that you can decide.

A fur transformation is a complex process and its cost can vary depending on many factors; the type of leather, the state of the leather, the changes you want to make to the garment, etc. For this reason, we always recommend our customers to come with the fur item to our store in Loreto Street in Barcelona or to our store in Palencia, so that our experts can advise them and give them a quotation without commitment.

A fur garment transformation takes roughly 15-30 days; however, this period is only an approximation as it can vary depending on the remodeling work and the amount of work we have. In addition, if a client needs a garment with urgency, the possibility of prioritizing that work can be assessed.

All our transformations are carried out in our workshop located in the center of Barcelona. Only the dyeing process and the fur shaved process are outsourced, these processes are carried out by recognized and trusted companies in Catalonia.

All you have to do is come with your garment to our store in Loreto Street in Barcelona or to our store in Palencia. Our experts will inform you of all the possibilities and, at the moment, they will provide you with a quote without commitment.