Any problem you had with your old fur garment, we can solve it.

Fur garments can be completely disassembled to create a new model. Our team has a wide experience doing these processes and our facilities are prepared to get the desired result.

We show you some examples of what we are capable of doing, but the possibilities are endless.


We turned this ostentatious fox coat into two modern and lightweight jackets. Two sisters have now these precious pieces made using the fur of the old coat that their grandmother gave them.


We transformed this old castor jacket into a straight model while maintaining its style.

Some of our transformations are more risky. The fur of this mink jacket was in poor condition and we could use only a small part of it to make the new model. In order to get a new jacket, we had to add new fur. The client had this idea in mind and we made it happen.

We transformed this vintage mink jacket into a beautiful bolero. A basic garment to wear in any event.

A young customer asked us to modernize this old jacket of her grandmother and create a practical model for everyday use.

Do you want to transform your old fur garment into a basic wardrobe? Shave the long hair of your mink piece and turn it into a reversible raincoat.

Radical change! This large neck was perfect for a hood. The client was delighted with the idea.